Pablo's pools and property management


Pool maintenance and cleaning

o  Cleaning of walls and bottom of the pool  

o  Clearing leaves and debris  

o  Cleaning of filters and skimmers  

o  Analyzing of chloride and PH  

o  Treating the water with appropriate chemicals  

o  Control of the water level  

o  Adjusting times according to season  

o  Informing about abnormalities and possible repairs 

Rates (iva always included):

o  85€ per month

o  480€ per 6 months (80€ per month)

o  900€ per year (75€ per month)

Property management 

o  Cleaning and regular checkups

o  Preparing for rental

o  Welcome guests

Liaising services 

o  Look for contractors

o  Helping with communication

o  Assisting with procedures